The most luxurious private jet in the world

Two spacious bedrooms

You could call it a whim or the pinnacle of luxury: refitting a 450-seat Boeing 747-8 into a luxury apartment designed around the needs of a wealthy client. After 3 years of work, GreenPoint Technology delivered a device with two real rooms located on the lower level. One nestles in the head of the plane.

The conference room

The aircraft cabin has 3 levels over an area of ​​445 square meters. A large meeting room equipped with leather seats and flat-screen televisions allows working on board. The base price of the Boeing is 358 million dollars to which some 200 million dollars had to be added for the transformation.

The dining room

To receive his guests, the owner of this flying yacht can enjoy a king size dining room, able to accommodate up to 20 people. Refined decoration and crockery, comfortable seats to enjoy the gourmet dishes prepared by his cooks in the Boeing restaurant.

The “relaxation” areas

On the upper level, offices and lounges have been fitted out with low tables, sofas and cushions for relaxing. It is also there that the apartments of the employees are accessible, the height of luxury in the air, by an elevator!

Aeroloft space

Among the designs imagined by the American equipment manufacturer, a new space, the Aeroloft, a sort of second floor built in the rear. Via a traditional staircase, passengers can access this place made up of 8 single beds.

A private suite

The Boeing 747-8, is the second largest airliner in the world after the Airbus A380. But thus redesigned, it has nothing of a traditional aircraft. This private jet includes a private office, a guest cabin with bathroom and a spacious suite with panoramic views, private lounge and bathroom.

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