The specificities and advantages of business aviation

The specificities and advantages of Business Aviation are numerous. In the first place, this allows an undeniable saving of time and a certain flexibility. In the sense that the passenger can make a relatively quick reservation for a flight from which he chooses the departure time. He also has the option of choosing from one of the many airports commonly used by General Aviation.

It can thus get as close as possible to its final destination, avoid having to undergo connections, and perform flights not directly served by commercial flights.

The business aviation passenger also expects less time at the airport, in particular due to the fact that the passage through the PIF (screening inspection post) is quick. The airport is no longer “a destination but a place of transit”.

At the same time, the privatization of a cabin ensures optimal confidentiality, thus making it possible to freely discuss business matters or to have a completely private conversation.

Although it depends on the type of device, comfort is also a criterion sought by customers. Some aircraft have beds or showers, which is rarely the case in Commercial Aviation offers. Some devices also provide the ability to receive and make in-flight calls or use high-speed internet. Business aviation is therefore generally presented primarily as a productivity tool for companies.

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